Röger’s Home Spa: Have a Wavy Couch Infrared Rest

It is a wavy couch with an elegant protective arch on the rear, hooding over you. But in reality, it’s a chic infrared-Liege Wave spa from Röger meant to help you show off your body to your …ahem…neighbours. Meaning, it is a home spa.

It comes in the season of several home spa products entering the market. The difference: it has an infrared touch and measured enough to suit human body needs. The couch is infrared, integrating a flat, precisely equipped infrared heat system with an easy temperature control function. High quality carbon fiber makes Electrosmog, but without the heat.
So you do not need to head to the beaches for that much needed sun tan. All you need is to grab this piece of spa equipment. Röger says its heat is similar to the heat radiation of the sun or even an open fireplace, and that it penetrates deeply and directly into the body to provide that consistent deep relaxation experience. The bonus: a CD sound system to relax your ears with soothing music too. Some day, it could sport something more chic, may be an iPod or an MP3 gizmo…or even a TV with amazing meditative visuals!
Via: Ubergizmo, Aqua Emotion

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