Priestman Goode Designs New First Class Suites For Swiss

The most obvious discrimination between the haves and have-nots is seen on flights. The boundary between the first and economic class is one that cannot be crossed for most people. As if this has not been torturous enough, Priestman Goode has designed a finer First Class suite.

Swiss is claimed to be one of the best when it comes to air companies. The service offered coupled with the technical innovativeness has been much applauded by frequent Swiss flyers. Taking their tradition of in-flight First Class services to another level, Swiss introduces their new First Class suites. A design creation of the London based design company, Priestman Goode, the new First Class suite offers a heightened level of luxury and privacy to their most well-paying clients. With a modern design, everything in the suite is made from the finest quality materials as well.

The suites have adjustable sidewalls with special lighting to give a sense of heightened privacy. Other features include seat and light adjustment at the touch of a button. The new First Class suites are being introduced to the Swiss fleets in April.


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