Kenwood Squeezophone Speakers: Better Than Sony Sontina

For some time now, speaker manufacturers have been coming out with bland speakers that may have good features but are extremely non-innovative when it comes to design. The only beauty offered by these speakers appeared to be a lush coating of black. Bringing a healthy difference and a most exquisitely beautiful design is the Kenwood Squeezophone 360 degree speaker.

Kenwood’s latest offering, the Squezophone 360 degree speaker offers surround sound thourhg acoustic technology. Though nothing much is known about the specifications of the speaker, much interest for it has been generated with just a single picture. Definitely, the design of this speaker is so amazing that even without good sound quality people would be queuing up to buy it. Ethereal and lamp like in design, the Sqeezophone speaker is apparently quite similar to the Sony Sontina speakers. However, the Sontina speaker design was of a black base with a glass top and made of sleek slim vertical lines.

The Squeezophone on the other hand has curvy lines with a design that is minimalistic and extravangantly beautiful at the same time. Only at the conceptual stage currently, the Squeezophone speakers certainly have interested buyers already.

Via: UberGizmo/SlipperyBrick

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