Intuitive System’s Robotic da Vinci System Is World’s First

If biology was not your preferred subject at high school and you were grounded for numerous weeks for not getting a decent grade in the subject, then this is the product you need. With the da Vinci system, you can become, possibly, the best in the field.

Designed by Intuitive Surgical, the da Vinci Si system is the future of healthcare technology brought to you today. The da Vinci system consist of a surgical console with 3D HD vision brought from the merging of two separate HD optical channels for maximum accuracy. The console includes a patient side cart with four robotic arms. While seated at the console, the surgeon can view the enhanced images and control the robotic arms for endoscopic procedures. Other specifications include lightweight cameras, touchpad feature to control audio and video settings, fingertip control of EndoWrist instruments, and more. The consul has an ergonomic design that allows seating adjustment for users of different heights and ensures comfort through maximum working hours.

A built-in communication system allows surgeons to communicate with each other for assistance or during teaching and surgeons can even take over from others to complete a procedure. Check out the video here.

Via: MedGadget
da vinci system

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