2009 Honda Element: Pamper Your Dogs

The world is seriously going to the dogs. Everything from hi-tech exercise machines to luxury spas are made for dogs these days. There seems to be no place where humans and their beloved cats and ferrets can enjoy some time alone without the intrusion of wild dogs.
The latest to join the dog bang wagon is th

2009 Honda Element. Already a fan of dogs, Honda goes a step further this time in vowing their complete devotion to dogs. The Honda Element Dog Friendly Concept has a cushioned pet bed in the rear with a spill resistant bowl for long trips. It must be noted, however, that your canine can still slurp water and drool all over the floor. The best feature of the car, especially for those who have a morbid fear (and dislike) of dogs, would be the pet restraints, just in case your sweet doggy was having a bad I-wanna-eat-human-flesh day.

The Honda Element also appears to include a ramp for dogs who have been pampered so much they no longer desire just jumping out of the vehicle. To know more, just wait till the car goes on sale this fall.

Via: Jalopnik

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  • Wow! That’s a great tool for dogs. It could save my car seats that’s for sure. My cats give me no dives for when we go for a drive, they just lay still. My dog though…

    Warm Regards,


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