Newton Vineyard Wine Tasting Bar May Auction For $20,000

Wine tasting is more than a hobby and a profession, it is an art. Not everyone can tell the fine nuances in the taste of different wines and this becomes a necessity in the selection of a fine wine. Bringing this old art form to us in a more chic manner is the eco-chic wine tasting bar.

This beautiful piece of wooden objet d’art appears almost like a scorpion getting ready to sting, but is in reality a more innocent bar addition. Made of three divisions, the wine tasting bar can hold about ten bottles of wine and has place right at the top for hanging shiny wine glasses. It also includes two glass shelves for places bottles or glasses. The eco-chic wine tasting bar was designed by Claire Danthois in collaboration with Newton Vineyard. The bar stands 6 feet high and is made completely from 100% recycled materials, hence, the eco-friendliness. The wooden stand was once a part of barrels from the Newton’s Icon Label wines and 300 year old oak barrels from another wine merchant. Apart from being eco-friendly, the wine tasting bar is patriotic as well since it is made of 112 segments symbolic of Newton estate’s 112 distinct vineyard blocks.

Only five bars have been made and one will take stand at the Newton Vineyard estate, another would be auctioned off with the estimated amount of $20,000 going to the Global Green USA and the rest showcased at Newton ‘Unfiltered’ events this year.

Via: Luxist
eco-chic wine tasting bar

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