Lounge Box By The Box: Aesthetic Perfection In Prefab

The construction of an aesthetic space, whether it is for professional or personal use, comes about through the interaction of various fields. With this, harmony is created amongst all these fields in bringing about a sensational living space.

The Box stands unlike its name wrapped up in the beauty created in the highest standards by engineers, architects, and interior designers. This Danish-German corporation provides you with a number of tailor-made designs in lounge bars, trailers and more. The Box introduces the lounge bar, the first in their line of production. With 70 square meters of space, the lounge bar includes all the necessities of leather and lawn furniture and bar stools for the comfortable seating of over 30 people. The walls are weatherproof and removable and special heating units make the place as snug and cosy during winter also. The ready to use bar includes the required appliances and an entertainment centre as well.

The mobile Lounge Box can be set up easily within half an hour and is quite portable since it is only 16metres when closed. The Box products can be leased or bought and the price is available upon request to the manufacturer.

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