Hybrid Vehicle To Reduce Traffic Accidents?

Commuting long distances become a possibility only because of high speed vehicles that every person is quite fond of. Unfortunately, these same vehicles are the cause for the high number of road accidents and loss of life. In an ideal world, vehicles would transport us to the desired locations with zero safety risk.

The ideal world of tomorrow may be here today. General Motors in collaboration with scooter maker Segway brings you a two wheeled electric vehicle which promises to be accident free. The two seater vehicle intends to take over from the world of cars making them obsolete. The PUMA project (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) involves a communication system that allows vehicles on the road to interact with each reducing the possibility of traffic jams and accidents. The futuristic looking vehicle is powered by a lithium-ion battery and can cruise at speeds of 35mph. On a single charge, the vehicle can go up to 35 miles.

Currently, the two seater electric vehicle is just at the conceptual stage and may never reach the production age. The vehicle does not look very comfortable and the fact that it does not have any luggage space is a definite negative.

hybrid vehicle

Via: DailyMail
hybrid vehicle

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  • It doesn’t matter what vehicle you will ride. It depends how disciplined you and your fellow drivers/commuters are.

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