$2,700 Ultra Motor A2B Bike: Stylish And Eco-Friendly

With the increased attention to the earth and saving energy, especially post the Vote Earth drama, the desire to participate actively in increasing the longevity of Earth’s life has been heightened a lot. With this also is heightened the desire to stop commuting in cars and choose eco-friendly bikes.

The Ultra Motor A2B Bike is a unique hybrid bike which can be powered by manual pedalling or using the lithium ion battery. The bike becomes ideal for slightly long trips, allowing you to save energy and use it like a non-motor bike by pedalling and giving your body some extra exercise and shifting to the battery powered motor when the going gets tough. With the motor, the bike can hit speeds of 20mph. If this isn’t fast enough for you, you can attach another battery and go twice the speed. Attached disc brakes increase safety and reduce possible risks due to the enhanced speed.

Apart from being eco-friendly, the Ultra Motor A2B Bike is also quite stylish as well. All sleek lines and polished surfaces, the bike is worth the $2,700 price tag.

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  • We just charged up our first shipment of the A2B bikes. Yellow is the hot color for sure. we are offering them for rent as well as for sale. plus on a try before buy program, the rental applies to the purchase. Quite fun

  • The A2B is rad and it is powerful but check out the DreamE from Day 6 Bicycles (www.dreamebike.com) Amazing comfort and ergonomics – the entire bike is not just eco friendly but human friendly. Weighs less than 60 pounds and can easily be pedaled without power. The DreamE uses a 20Ah lithium iron phosphate battery instead of the typical 15Ah lithium ion used on most higher end ebikes. The DreamE also employs full size tires to take on the pot holes, curbs, and obstacles found in the real world. Finally, the frame mounted motor means rider and motor are working together with the gearing to achieve much higher speeds and torque than the typical hub motor used by A2B and almost every other bike. Also, no wires while fixing flat tires. At $2399 it comes in under the A2B price tag too. If you want cool, then check out the A2B. If you are looking for comfort, ergonomics, safety, range, power, and practicality – check out the DreamE from Day 6.


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