British Steam Car To Break Century Old Speed Record?

Steam engines have always been quite fascinating and though the age of vehicles powered from steam appear to be over, the desire to create more vehicles and run them with steam power hasn’t been extinguished. A Brit car may soon break the speed record for steam cars.

The British Steam Car is being touted as the world’s ‘fastest kettle’. The 25 foot long sleekly curved steam car can hit speeds of 60mph and has been tested at the Ministry of Defence’s Thorney Island facility. The car has been built mimicking the style of the Bluebird hydroplane. The speed record for a steam car is currently being held by a Stanley steam car driven by American Fred Marriot in 1906. The speed record of 127mph has been held unbroken for the past 103 years. Don Wales, who has test driven the British Steam Car, insisted that the car works perfectly and that the team was confident of breaking the century old record.

Although the record has stayed untouched for so long, Wales is not just sure of breaking it but claims to be able to make a new record of 170mph. Wales and his team have spent over a decade on the project and hope to earn the coveted title soon.


Via: DailyMail

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  • Dear Gentlemen,
    J saw the spot about the stream rocket with wheels. Somebody of the team said there that the future of the power train for the cars passing to be the combination of stream and electric technology. J´d like to speak with them, J mean with resp. of the team. J can make the small step for me, but great for the humannity, who knows? Thank you very much for your answer in advance. Sincerely, Rayko

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