Rein Wuerth’s Infamous Buy Is A Luxury Yacht Called Vibrant Curiosity

The recession has hit everyone rather differently. The rich are ok but the poor are getting poorer. Let’s take the example set by German billionaire Reinhold Wuerth. He is number 93 on The Forbes 2009 list and has made all the moolah thanks to his screw manufacturing business. That apart, the man has been in news for laying off his workers by faking a recession. And now, he has gone on to buy a $100 million yacht.

Touted as a convicted tax evader, this man is busy celebrating the christening of his newly-acquired super yacht, the Vibrant Curiosity. This 85-meter yacht was built at the Oceano dock near Rotterdam. Two diesel engines generate 4,680 horsepower and make it achieve a speed of 18.5 knots.

The interior is also very luxurious. There is a large master cabin accompanied by opulent a VIP suite and several other luxury cabins for 14 guests. Wuerth is keeping mum about his new purchase. The liner is impressive but the infamous history of the owner is difficult to ignore when judging this vessel.



  1. Joe

    This boat is parked outside of my partment in Grand Cayman right now, and what I sight it is. Rein if you’re reading this, we’re going to swim out there later.

  2. rickenbilly

    Just saw the yacht at the cruise terminal in Habana, Cuba.

    Impressive indeed!



  3. Miguel Burgoa

    I saw this yacht docked in the Nassau Harbour April 6, 2010. I was on a Carnival cruise and it was in front of our ship. Someone told me it was owned by Beyonce and Jay-z. But found out other wise when I Googled it.

  4. Sharon Bland

    I was on a Carnival cruise to Nassau in April 9,2010 and also saw this yacht.There was a young handsome man and girl sunbathing.An older woman later came out.I wondered who they were.Maybe grandchildren of the owner?

  5. jose


  6. Kelly

    Wow, parked right next to my balcony in Bermuda,…. its amaizing

  7. Tony

    This Yacht just pulled in since last night here in St. Georges, Bermuda. Quite impressive. I can’t even imagine sailing on a yacht so large. Boggles my mind!

  8. Jeff

    It is a breathtaking vision to behold!

    It was docked at St. George in Bermuda Tuesday. I was on the Explorer of the Seas and the seas and the winds were making voyaging on the ocean rather challenging for our 1,000+ mega ship. It would have been a rather bouncy ride on something so much smaller. This yacht is like the fancy sports car that looks fantastic just sitting in place. It is a beauty.

  9. Yvonne

    This yacht is currently docked in Malta at the drydocks undergoing repairs.

  10. Louise

    I saw it docked in Malta in June while on holiday, it was there for at least a week as we arrived 25th June and left 9th July.

  11. Randy

    Saw the yacht docked in Venice. More people were looking at it then at many of the city’s sights!

  12. Rob

    Staring at this boat in Venice Italy right now, holy shit

  13. greg

    its in venice now, pretty cool boat!

  14. Peter

    I just saw this yatch in Kotor (Montenegro). It arived today afternoon.
    I don’t knew the history of the owner .I don’t will buy more Wurth products.

  15. Sailor

    Just docked next to this gorgeous yacht in Kotor, Montenegro. Wow!

  16. Arnold

    Saw this yacht in Malta and it is insane! I am a merchant marine from a ship with hundreds of cadets and everyone had one thing to say “HOLY SHIT!”

  17. rudi

    Is standing right now in old harbor portoferraio on elba, italy. Has at least 8 persons staff on it.

  18. JOSHL

    We just cruised around this ship yesterday in Marina di Campo on Elba – what a beauty – Great Style !!!!

  19. trevor

    i just saw it parked outside my apartment in Kansas , wondering how in the hell it got here??? It’s beautiful..

  20. Dushi


    The yacht is /was now in the Caribbean.. It is ” parked” in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles… Its stunning!!! Mr. Wuerth… if you see somebody climb over the fence… its me, trying to say : Hi there :)…

    Have a wonderful time in Dushi Curacao

  21. Kwelch

    Saw this yacht exiting the Panama Canal on the Pacific side January 17, beautiful

  22. GG

    This beauty lady is at Buenos Aires, enjoying 2011 fall

  23. Leonard

    And now its back in the Netherlands again at Oceanco.. A real globetrotter..

  24. Daniel

    Today it´s in Gothenburg. Parked next to my job. It lays right behind another beutifull yacht named Utopia. what a sight. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dan Kendrick

    She’s taking on fuel at Christiansted, St Croix. I imagine it will be a lengthy process. Nice boat.

  26. Chris

    It’s parked in Christiansted harbor st croix right now.

  27. Carl Vandevelde

    This yacht is in the harbor at Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands and is the largest yacht we have seen here. It is a sight to behold. Beautiful!

  28. Ebarnichta

    Right now at the Dominican Republic Ozama Harbor.

  29. kathleen

    just saw the beautiful yatch last night eating dinner at da vida restaurant in Anguilla, British West indies. Saw the people from the yatch on Sandy Island today very nice people!!!!

  30. Wini

    This yacht is outside my home on the island of Dominica. Amazing!!

  31. Don

    It is in Seattle now on Lake Union getting ready for a Alaska Cruise

  32. Necee

    Just saw this amazing yacht in Nassau Bahamas!It is absolutely stunning!

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