Marguerite Bike Rack Solves Urban Space Problem

Yoann Henry Yvon is a designer from Milan, Italy. He is a product and Interior designer who has designed the Marguerite Bike Rack which is being touted as a cool conceptual urban furniture. The concept is to help people park the cycle in an easy manner in urban areas and the Marguerite Rack is compact and numerous bikes can be parked in ample space.

The bike racks come in vibrant colors and the urban areas can certainly do with something that looks so cool and nice in an otherwise drab concrete jungle. These parking spaces work out as urban furniture that can be laced wherever the users need them to be. They are flexible and allow freedom for people and saves space.


This is something that is very important in urban areas where there is no space for parking bikes. It would also encourage people to give up cars and other polluting forms of vehicles.


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  • It’s a nice idea, but such a rack would be a waste of space in North America (I can’t speak to elsewhere). It doesn’t allow you to lock your bike securely, and for anywhere in Canada or the United States, that means your bike will get stolen.

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