Cinema De La Mer Promises Movie Theater Exotica

One thing that hasn’t really been affected by the financial hard times is your local movie theater or even the one at home. Facts have shown us how the most popular form of recreation and entertainment has continued it stand even today. But here, we will be talking about the exotic among them. Opulent custom-made home theaters like the incredible Death Star Theater and the Ultimate Home Theater (that has been inspired by the Titanic) have drawn our attention on many occasions before.

The latest entrant to that exclusive list is the Cinema De La Mer. Built in a Palm Beach, Florida residence, this theater breathes luxury. And very ironically, the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire is running there. Due to it classic decor, the movie theater takes you at least five decades back. We like the nostalgia coupled with modern technology. A 13-seat movie room affair, this one offers a memorable film experience from a 14-fooy wide Stewart CineWide screen that is supported by projections from a TITAN Reference 108op projector from Digital Projection. No word on the money gone into this extravagant adventure.


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