4 Sense Lounger Is Spa For Home

To be fair, creating a real-spa adventure at home is no mean task. The 4 Senses Lounger just attempts to make it a wee bit easier. After all, haven’t we always dreamt of a high-tech relaxation lounger that ensures our holistic wellness!

The 4 Senses Lounger has been developed by Schlettere and is a great thing to own. Being pod-shaped it is ergonomic from the word ‘go’. A very sci-fi piece of furniture, this one combines sound, scent and light with soft vibrations to stimulate four of our senses — hearing, smelling, sight and touch.

The technical concept of this home spa includes therapeutic music played by synthesizers, sounds of nature and special instruments. And if your position the tweeters and the woofers in a special position, you can even experiment with the spa experience. This one is very easy to install and maintain, simply plug and relax. Available in various colors, you can pick you fave.

Via thermariumspa

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