Enjoy A Ping-Pong Of Fun With This Dining Table

The dining table has always played an important role in kids play. In fact, it isn’t anything new if your young ones want to use it for tasks others than eating food. And now, the whole concept has been redefines (a little at least) and restructured into a new furniture unit called the Ping-Pong Dining Table.

Made from hand-lathered Timber, this table does what it name suggests. After enjoying a sumptuous meal or maybe before one, you can play a game of ping pong and up the recreation factor within your own home. The French Rococo patterns are blended with Ping-Pong iconography with a finishing in Gold lacquer. So, you can be sure this one will fit in with your luxe home decor and complement that gorgeous floral arrangement atop which can also double up as a game-net.

Plus the size of the table is such that it can accommodate a large gathering as well as provide enough play space for a game of ping-pong. The brainchild of designer Hunn Wai, the Ping-Pong Dining Table is on display at the Mein Gallery and is drawing many glances of admiration.



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