Dentris: Mobile Dental Treatment Unit

Going to the dentist is never a pleasant business; the sound of the drill, even on another patient, is quite near impossible to bear. However, those of us who can make it to the dentist must consider ourselves lucky because dental treatment would be almost nil to those who, for whatever reason, cannot visit the dentist’s office.

Thinking of this problem that many people face, especially those who are too unwell or facing some disability, Clemens Auer from Vienna has offered a great solution. Dentris is a mobile cart that includes everything needed for basic dental treatment while visiting patients at home. Dentris can easily be used with patients who are bed-ridden as well allowing dentists to widen their clientele. According to Clemens, Dentris would be a great solution for the treatment of senior citizens and would also reduce the cost born by individuals on transport to and from the dentists office.

Dentris also gives new opportunities to dentists because with a mobile treatment unit, dentists can break off from the monotony of in-house treatment and perhaps even the chance to freelance.


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