The World’s Most Expensive Frock

If you thought Malaysia was all about sunny sands and glowing skyscrapers, think again. Malaysian fashion can be compelling one of the designers from the beautiful country has just launched $30 million frock. It comes with 751 diamonds and has been created by the fashion designer Faisol Abdullah.

It is also the world’s most expensive piece of clothing and I am sure you would love to wear it to that big night. However, it could prove to be a tad too expensive. The recession might be in full swing and the gold prices might have dropped, but as the fashion designer reveals, diamonds are forever.

He even plans to bring more diamond studded clothing in the near future and he has teamed up with Mouawad, a Middle Eastern jeweler. I am sure you would love it if one were given to you by some miracle. I would say, this is exorbitant and showy but certainly impressive!

Via: Luxist/NYMag/TheStar

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