Open Sailing for Those Who Fear the Apocalypse!

Ever wanted to safeguard yourself against the worst calamity ever? What if London or New York get flooded forever thanks to global warming? What if Paris was nuked by some evil country! There are so many possibilities that could annihilate the people of the world. Of course, how can we forget all the natural disasters and tsunamis!

Here is a project called the Open Sailing Project which aims to create a social-technical floating space in the water which is going to help us in the times of calamity. It was created by Hiromi Ozaki, Martin Gautron, Nasser Moustakim, Adrien Lecuru, Valérie Pirson are teaming up with the world renowned Cesar Herada to create the Open Sailing Project.

It is almost like a living organism that grows and stays in the water. So when there is no place to stay thanks to aforementioned calamities and also over population, you could try living on the ocean in Open Sailing Project. The Open Sailing is an architectural masterpiece that shall house 6 people. I would say, this rocks!

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