Fortune Telling Watch is a White Elephant

If you were the kind of person who would be willing to spend unnecessary amounts of money on useless but expensive products, you should try this Indian watch that is simply stupid and also damn expensive. The watch doubles up as a fortune teller and warns you when it is the Rahu Kaal. The Rahu Kaal is a period in a day when things apparently go wrong but of course, this is Indian Astrology and you should expect things to go wrong.

The worst thing that could happen is the purchase of this watch which will surely send you down the path of misery in these times of recession and global angst. Swiss watchmakers Borgeaud have crafted this pretty but stupid watch.

Oh yes, and in order to get the Rahu Kaal jazz, they teamed up with a scary looking Indian astrologer you can see in the picture. I would warn you against spending money on such stuff and would instead advise, suggest and implore you to try other products we have featured on our colorful blog. It costs $2000.

Via: SlipperyBrick

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