Bookshelf With a Screen!

Have you ever see things? I mean, see things, and hallucinate things? If you had not, I have visualized my book shelf to be sometimes metamorphing into a display when I wanted. I guess someone had the same idea and the Stuff Your Stuff Theater Set has been unveiled.

The cool product is brought to you by Pottery Barn and it costs $1299. It is built well and comes with a screen and also space to hide your books. This way, you would end up hiding all the books and such unwanted things and when you need, you could get the screen out and play Rock band!

I am sure you would love to watch Rock Band play on your Book Shelf wouldn’t you? I would however hesitate buying this as it costs so much. $1,300 is a lot of money, to be spent on a book shelf. If you have that kind of money, you could certainly buy!

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