An Awesome Storage Device From Users and Makers

It is always nice to have great storage spaces which conform to your needs and also make space for everything the way they need to be stored. The UM Modules has been designed by Colgate Searle and it is an awesome storage and display module. With the help of this module you not only can store, but you can also display ware, and stuff.

You can keep photographs, books, shoes and what not! Interior sleeves are very flexible and users can add, remove as they please. UM means Users & Makers. They used blank frames and the users can go ahead and use it the way they want.

It is actually being touted as the open source of furniture. They look so beautiful that I am already tempted to buy them. In my opinion, you should contact the designers and get them as soon as possible as that would help you save space, order things around and also show off all your stuff!

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