Boxer Arcade Tests New Heights Of Fun

Hear hear! A computerized coin operated punching machine for avid boxing fans. Well, this all-new Boxer Arcade Machine comes equipped with a unique glove shape and it is aimed at helping people let their hair down by way of comparing their strengths with each other and brew some great fun.

So, you have to punch as hard as you can at the glove and the entertainment machine will translate this power into 150 different voice messages that will measure the strength and speed. Multiple scores are displayed on separate digital screens so that players can compare points from time to time.

Adding more spunk is the corresponding cartoon that accompanies each new score. Images of a clown, superman and pro-boxer have already been fed into the Boxer Arcade’s system. Plus there are the various tunes and sounds, mechanical and electric counters, self diagnostic system and four games like Power, Speed, Reflex and Tournament. So, punch the bag and have a truckload of fun at your convenience. The price tag says £4199.99.

Via libertygames

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