Anat Reference II & Their Magical Sound Of Music

The Anat Reference II is a very justifiable follow up to the Anat Reference loudspeakers. Created by the YG acoustics, this modular loudspeaker comes in three different configurations. You can choose between the compact Anat Reference Main Module, the medium-sized Studio and the flagship Professional.

And since the simple logic says, ‘bigger the better, we likes the Anat Reference II Professional the best. It impresses standing sleek and tall on the floor. Even the hefty price tag of $107,000 for a pair helps form an opinion, also making it out of the reach of several purses. Being a true audiophile speaker, all three models give quality performance. In fact, the effortless sound of music is the first thing you’d notice about these total kick-ass music accompaniments.

The loudspeakers come in a cabinet that is fully CNC-machined from solid slabs of aircraft-grade aluminum. All the crossovers have been developed from proprietary software, which helps optimize both frequency response and phase concurrently. Further matching the glamour are the six custom aluminum flight cases that the speakers can be delivered to you!

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