Vuvuvu Computer Desk: Simple, stylish

A first look at it and it could pass off as just another piece of furniture. But this one is no run-of-the-mill design. It speaks volumes of thoughtfulness – if applied, what the results could be like.

Vuvuvu computer desk brought out by Emmemobili, is a new age computer desk simplistic in design but refined in purpose. Emmemobili is known for its stylish furniture designs. Likewise, this computer table has elegance, is stylish, and yet you would not think it would cost a big deal. The computer desk is equipped with a CD space, a pull-out drawer for you to keep your computer’s keyboard in, and a suspended PC holder. Its frame is a metal tubular chrome base.

The desk has been designed by designers Ballabio-Elli, and comes in three different shades – wenge, natural oak, and tint. It may not look grandiose like some of the computer workstations you find today, but despite that, it looks elegant and provides a good amount of functionality too. Apparently, inspiration behind the computer desk has been based on a writing desk of the past.

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  • Hello. I just wanted to ask where can i check price / buy this desk, kinda can’t find any info about buying anywhere.

    Thanks in advice.


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