Cardok: Futuristic Pop-up Garage

Would you like it if your car and garage just popped out of the ground when you wanted to use them? Minus clutter. Lots of space. Sounds dreamy?.

Pop-up garages Thunderbirds aircraft hangar style (in Tracy Island), are the latest fad for home owners. Hydraulic lift based parking spaces have existed before, but this one is innovative.

This £50,000 Cardok parking option that is futuristic as well as effective is a Cardok that lifts out from the ground when operated electronically. The hydraulic platform can be hidden under a water feature in your home compound, a patch of gravel or a second car too.

It uses a hydraulic platform that can be hidden under a water feature, flowerbed or patch of gravel – or even a second car. Reportedly, enquiries for the product have doubled since its 2008 July’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show promotion. Its waiting list is four months long. A boon for Londoners wishing to use their garages as extra rooms, and those elsewhere too.


Cardok officials say it is more secure than a garage or driveway, giving the vehicle protection from natural elements too, and helps harvest rainwater, better.

The lift takes 10 weeks to build, about three days to install, operates silently.

Via: Dailymail UK

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