A Calamari Cruiser Made In $5,500 Worth Lego Blocks

Lego meets sci-fi! Well, most of us must have made a zillion attempts as kids to create spaceships out of our Lego blocks. But none like the effort of Thomas Benedikt. The man has created a stunning Lego model of the Mon Calamari flagship from Return of the Jedi. Facts reveal that some 30,500 bricks were used which translate into a price of $5,500.

Apparently, the 7-foot long structure was created to match the official Lego Star Destroyer, which has been made from some 3,104 pieces. Thomas reveals that his flagship was a tough endeavor because of the difficulty of its surfaces and the lack of right angles. A lot of building techniques were consulted before he decided to use studs joined by hinges.

The flagship comes equipped with an integrated lighting. This has been achieved with the aid of transparent yellow studs that let the light from the star cruiser’s interior shine through. It is an awesome model, probably larger than most New York apartments. Kudos this love of Lego and sci-fi!

Via gizmodo

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