Angeline Meloche Deisgns a Cool Modular Refrigerator

Angeline Meloche is a talented designer from the University of New South Wales. She has designed this pretty Celsius, which is a modular refrigerator and can be used be the consumer in any way he or she pleases. The fridge comes with cabinets and each of these cabinets can be controlled by touch sensitive panels and you could set the temperature as well.

It minimizes space and maximizes efficiency. It can store all your food products and leave them smelling fresh and tasting good. It is hygienic, clean and well designed and is a must have for every kitchen worth its name to be written in gold.

I would say, just wait till this cool modular fridge Celsius is released and you could have a great time by cooking different stuff all of which would taste good thanks to the freshness facilitated by the Celsius. I can bet my life on this product but I still question its greenness and how carbon efficient it is.

Via: Acriacao

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  • Please design a small, apartment sized dishwasher to go on the bottom and I’ll finally have all I need to make my tiny galley kitchen functional!!

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