Shuttel X-50: A Cool Nettop From Shuttel

It’s quite a painful task to move your desktop computer from one room to the other in your own house. The experience is even worse when you have to shift your house (imagine those wires and the bulk to carry around). However, we just came across Shuttel X-50, an all-in one touchscreen nettop introduced by Shuttel.

This nettop is special in its own ways and comes with various features such as, a 15.6 inch touchscreen and a dual core Intel Atom 330 processor. It is easy to carry as its body is thin and light. It also has a unique handle, which doubles up as a stand. The thickness of the widescreen display is 1.4″. This nettop looks more like a combination of a desktop and a laptop. However, despite the cool features, it doesn’t have any internals batteries to make it work when unplugged. Nettop computers may prove to be more useful in classrooms, and offices.

The price is expected to start from $500 onwards. This is not a bad price for a nettop such as this. Moreover, I always prefer nettops to desktops.

Via: GizmoDiva\Unplggd

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