$150,000 MV Augusta F4CC Most Expensive Sports Bike!

Take a deep breath and calm yourself, no need to throw a spoilt brat tantrum. Even if you do, though, everyone would understand. After all, who wouldn’t desire a bike that looks this beautiful and is as awesomely made?

The MV Augusta F4CC is the world’s most expensive sports bike. All sleek lines and curves with gleaming polished surfaces, the MV Augusta F4CC is every guy’s most desired dream come true. Attaining one may be the hardest thing to do because apart from being elegant beauty personified, the MV Augusta F4CC is also the most exclusively made sports bike on earth at the moment. Made from titanium and carbon fibre, it was designed by Massimo Tamburini. Only 100 lucky people would become owners of the exclusive collection. Each lucky buyer would also receive a Girard-Perregaux Swiss watch along with a limited edition leather jacket from the house of Trussardi.

The MV Augusta F4CC is named after the MV Augusta director Claudio Castiglioni and each of these bikes would cost you a stunning $150,000. Tailor made to perfection, the MV Augusta F4CC has a 200hp engine and can hit a top speed of 195mph.

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  • Gr8-gr8 bike bt i don’t think that its worth $1.50k, even BMWs1000rr have a 193hp engine bt its 10 times less expensive than that. Gud bike bt holding a heavy pricetag… no doubt

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