Contrail: Builds Biking Community

Remember the poem about taking the road less travelled and how that would make all the difference in your life? Well, sometimes it isn’t such a great idea to take the road less travelled, like when you are riding your bike on the road.

Quite similar in concept to the Light Lane concept which we featured sometime back, the Contrail is made of a small apparatus which can be attached to any bike. Designed by Studio Gelardi, the Contrail would leave a chalk mark trail on the road everywhere you ride your bike, marking your trail. Eventually, as you use the trail more often and as other bikers leave their own trail, more commuters would be encouraged to take the same trail. The Light Lane concept was made for bikers who travelled at night and the light cast from that would travel with the biker, making it quite temporary. Contrail would be more permanent, leaving your bike’s signature for others to pick up and follow.

Although the concept was based on the idea that the pronounced bike trails would be like warning marks for those driving heavy vehicles, letting them know the road is frequented by bikers, it wouldn’t help as much because bikers tend to weave all over the road amongst other vehicles. This means the bike trails would be all over the road making Contrail a pretty useless product but may still help in building biking communities as intended.

Via: OhGizmo/CoolHunting

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