Bang & Olfusen’s Beo Vision -103 Is Their Newest Offering

This product confirms our suspicion that folks at Bang & Olfusen does not take a break, all in the name of technological developments. Yes, why else will the market be introduced to the new Beo Vision 4-103 plasma TV! And it was only a few days ago that we had heard of the Beo Vision 8 TV, which again was an upgrade of an older version.

Well, the new TV is an impressive 103-inch wide. Frankly such monsters are not anything new anymore, but B&O definitely knows how to set it products apart from the bandwagon. Beo Vision 4-103 has come cool innovative features.

For instance when you turn it on, the motorized stand rises to the finest viewing level making a triangular BeoLab 10 loudspeaker appear out of nowhere. By the by, this center channel speaker is part of the company’s 7.1 BeoSound 5 audio system. Plus the screen has the ability to turn and tilt as per the user’s preferences. The B&O EcoSystem and the VisionClear technology adjusts colors and brightness automatically. This TV will be up for sale in July for an estimated price of $136,470.

Via engadget


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