Swarovski Diamond Studded Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner World’s Most Expensive At 13,825 Pounds

If you have a house, let’s call it a mansion for more practical purposes, that would compete with the likes of Rihanna and di Caprio, then you need to make sure that just about everything that you allow inside your ‘humble abode’ goes along with the decor of filthy rich.

Cleaning your home is obviously not something you would do on your own when you’re rich enough for that mansion but your hired help should not be caught with even a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t declare your decadent lifestyle. Enter the Electrolux vacuum cleaner that is being touted as the most expensive vacuum cleaner available. Who cares whether this thing functions or not when it is studded with 3730 Swarovski crystals! The cleaner designed by Lukaz Jemiol, a Polish fashion designer, has found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive vacuum cleaner on the planet.

Worth 13,825 pounds, only one of the extravagant appliances has been made. If, however, you plan on never cleaning your house and placing this in the living room to make the room shine, you could request Electrolux and they just might make one for you.


Via: Pocket-Lint

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