Movito Scooter Design May Hold Secrets to Green Transportation

We have all known how important it is to use bikes and vehicles that are good to look at and also good for the environment. Here is a clean and green bike which goes by the name of Movito. Movito is an electric scooter which recently won top honors in NASA’s design contest. It was designed by Tai Chiem, and it runs on a carbon-cutting electric motor which is ‘in-wheel’. This is a futuristic prototype and it consists of two modular parts.

The design itself looks amazingly sleek and chic, and you wouldn’t know that it is also packed with green technology. In a world that is consumed by pollutants and other suspended material, it becomes almost mandatory to have a vehicle that is green and friendly.

In my opinion, Movito Scooter is the right choice if you were looking for a great two wheeler. However, there is no information about its price or availability.

Via: Inhabitat

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