Berker Brings The Swarovski Sparkle To Light Switches

Swarovski crystals are everywhere in the modern high-luxe decor. Everything from a vacuum cleaner to a soap dish comes embedded with the sparkling stones. Now, it is light switches. Berker is a brand known for its flair for opulence and so keeping up with its reputation, the furnishing house has come up with a Swarovski switch.

A winner of the ‘Design Plus Award 2008’, this light switch is far from the conventional type that we have had in our homes and offices for a long long time. In fact, this one does not just turn on and off the light alone, but can be used to control other household items too.

It is really a sparkling shell, and if you take a peek inside you will see a complex optical detection system that keeps a strong and effective control over the lighting system. We recommend these to those of you who can’t get enough of lady luxury’s blessings. The decorative light switches look stunning on the wall and will definitely earn a second glance. A new product but an old concept, frankly, we are a little tired of Swarovski crystals being found just about anywhere. What do you have to say?

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