Koenigsegg Unveils the Chic Quant Prototype

Koenigsegg has come up with a luxurious four seater super car and the vehicle was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The supercar is aptly named Quant and reeks of luxury, snobbery and wealth. Koenigsegg has teamed up with NLV Solar AG to manufacture this truly amazing car which comes with photovoltaic technology.

It will run on a pair of electric motor and a cool Lithium-Ion Battery Pack. The solar collection system will be able to reach up to 350 miles. The Quant will come with modern luxuries such as Bluetooth, iPod, and even a touch screen located just near the dash. Though it is still a prototype, the working model will be unveiled sometime soon this year.

Many people have already been excited about this car for it not only comes with energy efficiency and clean fuel, but is also powerful and luxurious. I would say, just wait for the car to be released so that you would not regret buying something lowly when compared to this beautiful thing.

Via: InventorSpot

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