Audiowood Is The First Turntable Made In Burl Wood

Wood and good quality sound creation have gone hand in hand for ages now. And even today turntable creators prefer to use wood, after all one wants to be green too. On that thought, can there be a better organic option than wood? Joel Scilley too is taken up by the wood frenzy and has created a one-of-a-kind turntable called Audiowood. Yes, it’s even better than Montegiro’s luxurious wooden turntable!

The first this that sets Audiowood apart from the rest is the simple fact than it has been churned out from uncommon woods like burl wood. In fact, Joel could safely be a pioneer builder of the same. Among the entire range of great looking and highly efficient sound systems, we liked Barky the best. This one is made from raw-edged wood and is unique with its watermelon looks.

That is not all. Even Big Red will catch your attention owing to its exotic redwood burl standing firm on solid Gabon ebony fee, arm board and sub-platter. Plus this turntable also flaunts solid-brass cones, a VPI platter and even bears an Origin Live motor. So you can be sure of the pristine quality of sound of music. The starting price is $3,000 and goes up to $4,000.

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