Vital Jacket Sets Your Heart Free

Think of a heart monitoring system, and what comes to your mind is a bulky and rather inconvenient machine. Can’t blame any of you because the traditional way has been so! Not anymore. BioDevices, based in Chile, has developed what they like to call the Vital Jacket. This one is a very futuristic and wearable vital-signs monitoring system.

Among the many benefits of this medical wonder of a jack is that you have more freedom of movement, you can actually be away from stationary treatment and get a high quality data. Actually, the jacket comes embedded with microelectronics that consistently monitor heart rate and ECG waves of the wearer.

We recommend the Vital Jacket too all those whose hearts need to be under continuous supervision. It is a must-have for sportspersons too because it monitors fitness too, which is always a concern for those in high performance sports. Good news is that the jacket system has been tested with 300 patients with successful results. So far it’s not up for sale but we hear that you can preorder for $635.44.

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