Beamax Projection Screen Likes A Clutter-free Space

One thing that the new age of technology has always remembered to focus on is the projection screen. The latest addition to the already so long list is called Beamax. This one is an M-Tensioned-In-Ceiling motorized projection screen. What the screen does is to offer a very flat and smooth projection surface that has the special ability to retract into the ceiling when not in use. So, you can enjoy a very clutter-free environment at home.

Well, it does come with the standard switch but also with an IR remote, RF remote, 12 V trigger, power sensing trigger, key switch and a combination of any of the two with the Beamax bridge. Also, you will be happy to choose your favorite screen fabric.

Beamax has a viewable width of up to 3.65 meters, which is equal to a 165-inch diagonal in 16:9 format. The screen is also custom-made in standard 4:3, 16:9 or 1:2:35 widescreen formats. So, you have nothing to worry about that high ceiling in your house. Then there is the black top border which goes up to 1 meter that enhances the movie watching experience. Price starts at $2,263.

Via prweb & beamax

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