Macho MBX Bikes for Adults

If you thought BMX bikes were expensive toys that your kid brother rode on, you must try checking out their new and exciting adult sized bikes. FactionBikeCo has teamed up with BMX and it doesn’t look like a cruiser bike but something cool and manly. It comes with awesome multi-chamber alloy rims and a great pair of super high pressure tyres to suit the needs of an adult.

They have 20 inch wheels which are as cool and indestructible as the top-end BMX bikes. You can go ahead and practice all your silly stunts on this bike without looking like a kid. Whatever you do on this bike will look cool and macho. Your stunts won’t just look cool and macho but they will also look insanely expensive and chic. They are expected to cost 350 Pounds. They have been designed by Keith Easom from Shrewsbury, United Kingdom. So go ahead and ride this bike like you have never ridden anything before, and you will still look cool.


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  • Hi Great idea for a bike! Why hasn’t it been done years ago, I only quit BMX riding because I got sick of the tiny bike look. I’m gettin one of these dudes!!!

    Youve spelt the heading MBX instead on BMX tho.

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