WAVE Contour Plus Promises A Quickie & Effective Workout

WAVE will be known as more than just a word from now on. Well, thanks to a North American company it is also an acronym for Whole-Body Advanced Vibration Exercise. This brand mainly focuses on vibration exercise technology. So be it researching, manufacturing, training and educating, the folks here like to do it all!

Their first consumer model called WAVE Contour Plus was launched recently. The makers claim that this fitness device is capable of giving the result of an hour of regular exercise in just a 15-minute session. It has been designed to stimulate the body’s natural stretch via involuntary muscle contractions. As a result, you get a wholsome body workout, and it doesn’t matter what age group you belong to.

Among the main benefits of this sorta workout are weight loss, deep tissue massage, increased strength, circulation, positive effects on bone density and least stress on joints. By the by, the involuntary muscle contraction coupled with a frequency of 50 contractions per second is able to produce somewhere around 3,000 muscle contractions in a single minute.

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