Mobile Coffee Shop Become The New Reality On Road Trips

Haven’t we always wished for some nice and inviting stop overs when on a road trip? Finally, someone thought of paying heed to the likes of us. Designer Daniel Milchtein has developed the Mobile Coffee Shop that is expected to become a part and parcel of the mirage when you are tired of driving down to a forlorn destination. To start with, the very cozy looking coffee house on wheels comes well-equipped with plenty of futuristic stools for you to sit on. Then there is a windowed counter that will serve you your cuppa coffee as you watch the world whiz by.

Now, the inside includes a whole range of one-touch coffee machines and espresso machine that are so simple that a ten-year-old can use them with great ease. And then since you will not be burdened with the task of steaming and frothing milk manually, you can devote more time to exchange travelogues with other passengers on road. So far we don’t know whether the coffee shop will include a vendor too but either which way, we are happy to welcome a product that listens to our wishful thinking!


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    I am very interested with the mobile coffee shop . Please send me the contacts of the manufacturer.


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