Inspection Robots Par Excellence

If your business involves your workers working in hazardous environments, you may perhaps not like it when someone gets hurt or injured. That is perhaps one of the reasons why many hesitate to lead a business, as that poses the responsibility and duty towards other human beings who work for you. Designer Chris Rogers is a Colorado based industrial designer who has designed these inspection robots which are not very expensive.

However, they are remote operated, and are designed to go where humans can’t go. They can work under lethal, toxic, hazardous and dangerous environments where none of your workers can work. They can be used to patrol borders, audit energy, security patrolling and many other such functions.


They are targeted at building inspectors, home energy auditors, security companies, police, SWAT and even military and pest control. The robots are expected to cost between $1,500 to $50,000 depending on the style and functionality. These are affordable and easy way to avoid injuries to human workers and a benevolent employer always take care of their employees.

Via: Coroflot/YankoDesign

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