Hilton Hotel Woos Orodos With A Touch Of Tradition

The forthcoming Hilton Hotel in Ordos wants not only to inculcate all the logic and philosophies behind famous hotels but also wants to take into account the specific geographical context. With this task at had, VMX Architects have developed a pattern imbibing the spirit of Inner Mongolia which, when built will blow everyone’s mind away!

The concept primarily focuses on two things. First, the surrounding landscape in and around the city of Ordos. Then, it wants adjacent country club functions like a spectacular golf course right next to this beauty of a hotel.

So far, the plan includes only three stories but that shouldn’t be a worry with a massive rectangular main structure that moves in a circle just the sacred Sun in the Mongolian culture. One can expect the beauty of lounging or walking along long corridors. Plus the round shape takes maximum advantage of the view in every direction. It also minimizes the distance between rooms and hotels functions like the lobby, dining room, bars, concert stage and the swimming pool. Also requiring special mention is the partial glass roof that protects the hotel from the harsh climate.



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