Chairman Cell Phone for the Uber Chic

If you were wondering where you can get the most luxurious watch ever, you probably know you must contact Ulysse Nardin already. The guy has now teamed up with a European Firm called SCI Innovations and is bringing a luxurious phone which is also green. It is apparently a hybrid smart phone and is called the Chairman.

Like the name suggests, the Chairman is targeted at high flying businessmen who need some real cool phones to boost their image. The Chairman will be announced at the Baselworld 2009 and you may have to wait till then to learn more about this cool cell phone.

In my opinion, this cell phone may not have a number of features and may only just look good and be green. I think even then it is a good thing as normally you don’t find good looking and stylish cell phones that are also green and environmentally friendly. I shall patiently wait for this to be released.

Via: UberGizmo/Trendsupdates

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