An Amsterdam Tunnel That Will Definitely Cheer Your Mood

So far Mood Walls were only heard of in plush hotel rooms and houses of the super rich. But now, we got to see it in an underpass. Yes, the city of Amsterdam wanted to locate a Mood Wall in a pedestrian tunnel in order to put an extra skip in the short walk through it, there by making the people feel less grumpy. Now, come to think of it there are like a zillion dark and dingy places that could do with some brightening.

This Mood Wall measures 24 meters in length and is made from 2,500 LEDs. The wall has been designed so that it interacts with people as they walk through. Yes, the light responds to movement and it has been found that it actually does have a positive impact on your mood.

Kudos to Amsterdam for coming up with such a colorful idea. By the way, there is a fringe benefit too. When the underpass becomes so full of life, more people would want to include it in their route which will in turn help reduce the anti-social activities of ruffians.

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