Real Virtuality Brings All the 5 Senses

If you thought virtual reality was limited audio and video, think again. British scientists are developing ways to combine all the five senses to create a ‘real’ virtual reality where you can hear, see, taste, smell and feel. British researchers have developed a virtual cocoon that enables a virtual sensory experience and have dubbed this effort as ‘Real Virtuality’.

The cocoon comes with four speakers that provide surround sound, and smell tube would release appropriate smells. There also is a device that squirts five basic tastes and a fan that blows hot or cold air would make you ‘feel’. There also would be a high definition LCD screen and all this would be connected to the satellite and the home computer. Go figure.

Make sureĀ you wipe your mouth after using the Virtual Cocoon as it would have squirted quite a lot all over your face. I somehow donā€™t like the idea of experiencing a movie like Slumdog Millionaire on this gadget. It would stink, literally, in all the five senses.

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