Power Inlets to Stop Draining of Electricity

We all know how power outlets drain electricity and energy into all the gadgets we use. In fact it can be a colossal waste of electricity when gadgets are left unused and electricity continues to flow out of power outlets. A solution to this problem could be the developing Power Inlet. The inlets are designed by Carla Diana and Jeff Hoefs of Smart Design.

The inlets are being designed so that power flows into the socket instead of out and the electricity that is unused could be used later. The unused electricity would be stored in a certain grid so that it can be used again. This awesome development can help solve many problems that are caused due to wastage of electricity.

We have been trying how to generate more electricity but the Inlets try to give back the power we don’t use and hence is a very interesting concept. Keep a watch for this product as it would be awesome to have these instead of the power outlets that drain electricity.

Via: GadgetVenue

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