Kitchen for Singles Would Be a Great Space Saver

Nobody wants to be confined to a single place, do they? Well, even those who cook in kitchens would know how annoying it is to cook in the same place. Moreover, huge kitchens take up a lot of space that could be used for other purposes. If you are single and stay in a studio apartment, you may want to check out the chic ‘Kitchen for Singles’ designed by Dzmitry Samal.

It is almost like a portable island and when you rotate it, you can find a stove, a fridge, a storage area and even a cutting board. It optimizes space like no other design ever has. I would love to see this being bought by many people as that would help conserve much needed space.


In fact, most people can take this anywhere they want, if they don’t want to cook in the same place. After use, you can neatly fold it all up so that you save space again. This is a simple and minimalist design that wins hearts.


Via: DesignBlog/Trendhunter/SamalDesign

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