Educating Children Today: Next Generational Learning

With changing times and technology, people are posed with stranger challenges when it comes to dealing with everyday life situations. The most difficult perhaps is educating children for a future that would be so different from what it is today. Change has been so tremendous that whatever is taught today is obsolete within a couple of years. Hence children need to be taught using newer mechanisms that enable ‘Next Generational Learning’.

Michael Cushman is a futurist who has provided insights into what education must be for children today. He feels classroom training is of no use and better would be one-on-one training where percentiles were reported to zoom past the scale from 50 to 98.

Even US navy has supported these claims and education may perhaps need to be done through individual tutoring. This certainly is going to be expensive but if you want your child to be prepared for tomorrow, he or she needs to be pout under optimal teaching methods which uses several different types of technology too.

Via: ImpactLab

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