02 Joggler: A Professional Organizer for the Whole Family

When you have a lot of things to do, it may get difficult to organize yourself and your family. If you are well heeled, it may also mean that you have less time to spend on making notes and planning for the day. In such a case, you may have to take the help of an electronic organizer that does most of the job for you. 02 Joggler is a unique gadget that works like a digital notepad.

It is not tied to your computer and hence you can take it wherever you want. It brings you news, weather, calendar, alerts etc which make you as organized as a busy executive must be. It also works as an Internet radio Device and has a space of 1GB.

You could use this space to save pictures or even reminders about what you may have to do when you reach home. I would say, this is a great device for professional moms who need to juggle husbands, children and jobs.

via: Coated

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